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Title: Apple Macintosh User's Handbook, Author: Weber Systems Inc. Staff
Title: Macintosh Troubleshooting Pocket Guide, Author: David Lerner
Title: Friendly Macintosh, Author: Kay Yarborough Nelson
Title: BACK POCKET MAC BOOK, Author: Tom Cuthbertson
Title: Apple II Interfacing, Author: Jonathan S. Titus
Title: Up and Running with the Mac Classic, Author: Tom Cuthbertson
Title: Little Book of Computer Wisdom: How to Make Friends with Your PC or MAC, Author: Charles Rubin
Title: Presenting the Macintosh, Author: Merl K. Miller
Title: Computer Companion for the Apple II-Apple IIe, Author: Robert P. Haviland
Title: How to Use the Apple II and IIE, Author: Robert V. Price
Title: 10 Minute Guide to the MAC, Author: Stephen R. Poland
Title: Mac OS X Power User Tips: The Video Guide (Enhanced Version), Author: Vook
Title: Getting Started on Your Mac If You've Never Used a Computer Before, Author: Tim Hartnell
Title: I Speak BASIC to My Apple, Author: Aubrey B.
Title: MACs for Morons, Author: Christian Boyce
Title: Up and Running with Norton Utilities on the Macintosh, Author: Peter John Dyson
Title: Planning and Budgeting for Higher Profits: An Apple Business User's Guide, Author: Jeffrey R. Alves
Title: Ten Minute Guide to the Mac, Author: Stephen R. Poland
Title: Apple II Applications, Author: Marvin L. De Jong
Title: The Macintosh Dictionary, Author: Andy Baird

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