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Title: Probability & Statistics with R for Engineers and Scientists / Edition 1, Author: Michael Akritas
Title: The Nature of Computation, Author: Cristopher Moore Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Numerical Recipes in FORTRAN 77: Volume 1, Volume 1 of Fortran Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing / Edition 2, Author: William H. Press
Title: Robust Statistical Methods With R, Author: Jana Jureckova
Title: The Beginner's Guide to MATHEMATICA, Version 4, Author: Jerry Glynn
Title: Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS Release 8 for Windows: A Guide for Social Scientists, Author: Alan Bryman
Title: Statistics: An Introduction using R / Edition 1, Author: Michael J. Crawley
Title: Computer Packages and Research Design; With Annotations of Input and Output from the BMDP, SAS, SPSS, and SPSSX Statistical Packages, Author: Robert S. Barcikowski
Title: Adaptive Computational Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Author: Ivo Babuéska
Title: R Graphics / Edition 1, Author: Paul Murrell
Title: Partial Differential Equations & Boundary Value Problems with Maple V / Edition 1, Author: George A. Articolo
Title: Numerical Software: Needs and Availability, Author: D Jacobs
Title: Vibration Simulation Using MATLAB and ANSYS / Edition 1, Author: Michael R. Hatch
Title: LabVIEW Graphical Programming: Graphical Programming and Application Development, Author: Gary Johnson
Title: Introduction to Numerical Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations Using MATLAB / Edition 1, Author: Alexander Stanoyevitch
Title: Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel / Edition 4, Author: David Levine
Title: Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Mathematica and MATLAB, Volume 2 / Edition 1, Author: Reza Malek-Madani
Title: Contemporary Business Statistics with Microsoft Excel / Edition 1, Author: David Ray Anderson
Title: An Introduction to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting: With Applications of SAS and SPSS / Edition 1, Author: Robert Alan Yaffee
Title: Modern Business Statistics (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac ) / Edition 2, Author: David R. Anderson

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