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Title: Dateline: Troy, Author: Paul Fleischman
Title: The Romans, Author: John Haywood
Title: Ancient Rome (Eyewitness Books Series), Author: Simon James
Title: Treasures from Spain, Author: Alan Lopetz
Title: The Crafts and Culture of the Vikings, Author: Joann Jovinelly
Title: A Roman Villa, Author: Richard Dargie
Title: Troy and Knossos, Author: Peter Hicks
Title: Ancient Rome, Author: Giovanni Di Pasquale
Title: Prehistoric Stone Monuments, Author: Ana Martin
Title: The Colosseum and the Roman Forum, Author: Martyn J. Whittock
Title: Pompeii and Herculaneum, Author: John Seely
Title: The Mediterranean, Author: Philip Wilkinson
Title: Treasures from Italy, Author: David Armentrout Armentrout
Title: Bog Bodies, Author: Janet Buell
Title: The Romans, Author: Peter Hicks
Title: Viking Life, Author: Barron's Educational Series
Title: The Roman Colosseum, Author: Don Nardo
Title: Prehistory, Author: Keith Branigan