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Title: Cave Art, Author: Jean Clottes
Title: Ancient Egyptian Fashions, Author: Tom Tierney
Title: All about the Met for Kids, Author: Josephine Madden
Title: Stories on Stone: Rock Art Images from the Ancient Ones, Author: Jennifer Owings Dewey
Title: Jewelry of the Ancient World, Author: Renate Rosenthal
Title: The Parthenon / Edition 1, Author: Susan Woodford
Title: The Crafts and Culture of the Ancient Greeks, Author: Jason Netelkos
Title: Prehistoric Art, Author: Susie Hodge
Title: Ancient Roman Art, Author: Susie Hodge
Title: Lost City of Pompeii, Author: Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Title: Prehistoric Art and Ancient Art of the Near East, Author: Ariane Ruskin Batterberry
Title: Ancient Greek Art, Author: Susie Hodge
Title: In Search of Ancient Crete, Author: Gian P. Ceserani
Title: The Romans and Pompeii, Author: Philip Steele
Title: Stones of the Parthenon: The Ancient Quarries and the Story of a Half-Worked Column Capital of the First Marble Parthenon, Author: Manolis Korres
Title: Treasures from Egypt, Author: David Armentrout
Title: The Mouse Couple, Author: Ekkehart Malotki
Title: Off the Wall Museum Guides for Kids: Greek and Roman Art, Author: Ruthie Knapp
Title: Pyramids of Egypt, Author: Don Nardo
Title: Art and Religion in Ancient Greece, Author: Melanie Ann Apel

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