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Title: American Epics: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood, Author: Austen Barron Bailly
Title: Grandma Moses: American Modern, Author: Thomas Denenberg
Title: Civil War Paintings of Mort Kunstler, Volume 2: Antietam to Gettysburg, Author: Mort Kunstler
Title: Trails Plowed Under, Author: Charles M. Russell
Title: Edward Hopper: Portraits of America, Author: Wieland Schmied
Title: Edward Hopper's New York, Author: Avis Berman
Title: Payne Hollow Journal, Author: Harlan Hubbard
Title: Shantyboat On The Bayous, Author: Harlan Hubbard
Title: Designs on the Heart: The Homemade Art of Grandma Moses, Author: Karal Ann Marling
Title: Hopper, Author: Mark Strand
Title: Grant Wood (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists Series), Author: Mike Venezia
Title: Charles M. Russell: The Life and Legend of America's Cowboy Artist, Author: John Taliaferro
Title: Hopper, Author: Rolf G. Renner
Title: Thomas Hart Benton and the Indiana Murals, Author: Kathleen A. Foster
Title: Hopper's Places, Second edition, Author: Gail Levin
Title: Hopper Drawings: 44 Works, Author: Edward Hopper
Title: Civil War Paintings of Mort Kunstler, Volume 1: Fort Sumter to Antietam, Author: Mort Kunstler
Title: Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska--Including Extensive Hitherto Unpublished Passages from the Original Journal / Edition 1, Author: Rockwell Kent
Title: The Darkest Part of the Woods, Author: Ramsey Campbell
Title: Charlie Russell Roundup: Essays on America's Favorite Cowboy Artist, Author: Brian Dippie

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