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Title: Islamic Art and Architecture: Second Edition, Author: Robert Hillenbrand
Title: Islamic Design: A Genius for Geometry, Author: Daud Sutton
Title: Islamic Art: Architecture, Painting, Calligraphy, Ceramics, Glass, Carpets, Author: Luca Mozzati
Title: Islamic Geometric Patterns, Author: Eric Broug
Title: Islamic Arts A&i, Author: Jonathan Bloom
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Title: Beginner's Guide to Oriental Rugs 2nd edition, Author: Linda Kline
Title: Symbolism of the Biblical World: Ancient Near Eastern Iconography and the Book of Psalms, Author: Othmar Keel
Title: 123 Places in Turkey: A Private Grand Tour, Author: Francis Russell
Title: Islamic Designs, Author: Diane Victoria Horn
Title: Islamic Tiles, Author: Venetia Porter
Title: The Innocence of Objects, Author: Orhan Pamuk
Title: Tribal Rugs: A Complete Guide to Nomadic and Village Carpets, Author: James Opie
Title: Feast of Ashes: The Life and Art of David Ohannessian, Author: Sato Moughalian
Title: Different Worlds: A Sociological Study of Taste, Choice and Success in Art, Author: Liah Greenfeld
Title: Art, Allegory and the Rise of Shi'ism in Iran, 1487-1565, Author: Chad Kia
Title: God Willing: How to survive expat life in Qatar, Author: Mikolai Napieralski
Title: Beauty and Islam: Aesthetics in Islamic Art and Architecture, Author: Valerie Gonzalez
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Title: Picturing Islam: Art and Ethics in a Muslim Lifeworld, Author: Kenneth M. George
Title: Image Politics in the Middle East: The Role of the Visual in Political Struggle, Author: Lina Khatib
Title: Street Art in the Middle East, Author: Sabrina de Turk

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