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Title: Double Vision: The Unerring Eye of Art World Avatars Dominique and John de Menil, Author: William Middleton
Title: Henry F. du Pont and Winterthur: A Daughter`s Portrait, Author: Ruth Lord M.A.
Title: The Unfinished Palazzo: Life, Love and Art in Venice: The Stories of Luisa Casati, Doris Castlerosse and Peggy Guggenheim, Author: Judith Mackrell
Title: An Illuminated Life: Belle da Costa Greene's Journey from Prejudice to Privilege, Author: Heidi Ardizzone
Title: Bernard Berenson: A Life in the Picture Trade, Author: Rachel Cohen
Title: They Told Me Not to Take that Job: Tumult, Betrayal, Heroics, and the Transformation of Lincoln Center, Author: Reynold Levy
Title: The Dream Colony: A Life in Art, Author: Walter Hopps
Title: Intentions, Author: Oscar Wilde
Title: Leah Chase: Listen, I Say Like This, Author: Carol Allen
Title: Wagstaff: Before and After Mapplethorpe: A Biography, Author: Philip Gefter
Title: Kenneth Clark: Life, Art and Civilisation, Author: James Stourton
Title: Early Sydney Moderns: John Young and the Macquarie Galleries 1916-1946, Author: Jean Campbell
Title: Collector of Genius: A Life of Sir George Beaumont, Author: David Brown
Title: Rare Books and Rarer People, Author: O. F. Snelling
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Title: Public Culture in the Early Republic: Peale's Museum and Its Audience, Author: David R. Brigham
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Title: Art and Its Discontents: The Early Life of Adrian Stokes, Author: Richard Read
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Title: Slow Breath of Stone: A Romanesque Love Story, Author: Pamela Petro
Title: Il metodo e il Talento: Igino Benvenuto Supino primo Direttore del Bargello (1896-1906), Author: Silvio Balloni
Title: Things I Didn't Know, Author: Robert Hughes
Hardcover $19.50 $27.95 Current price is $19.50, Original price is $27.95.
Title: Patron Saints: Five Rebels Who Opened America to a New Art, 1928-1943, Author: Nicholas Fox Weber
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