Title: The Garden of Evening Mists, Author: Tan Twan Eng
Title: The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters: A Novel, Author: Balli Kaur Jaswal
Title: The Gift of Rain: A Novel, Author: Tan Twan Eng
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Title: What's Left of Me Is Yours: A Novel, Author: Stephanie Scott
Title: How We Disappeared, Author: Jing-Jing Lee
Title: The Paper Bark Tree Mystery, Author: Ovidia Yu
Title: The Rice Mother, Author: Rani Manicka
Title: Map of the Invisible World, Author: Tash Aw
Title: Evening Is the Whole Day, Author: Preeta Samarasan
Title: We, the Survivors: A Novel, Author: Tash Aw
Title: Five Star Billionaire: A Novel, Author: Tash Aw
Title: Sarong Party Girls, Author: Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan
Title: Bury What We Cannot Take, Author: Kirstin Chen
Title: Lake Like a Mirror, Author: Ho Sok Fong
Title: Ladder in the Water and Other Stories, Author: Feroz Faisal Dawson
Title: Harmony Silk Factory, Author: Tash Aw
Title: Skoob Pacifica Anthology, #2:The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword, Author: C. Y. Loh
Title: Moonrise, Sunset, Author: Gopal Baratham
Title: Ponti, Author: Sharlene Teo
Title: Bondmaid, Author: Catherine Lim

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