Title: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Integral Yoga Pocket Edition: Translation and Commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda, Author: Swami Satchidananda
eBook $2.99 $3.99 Current price is $2.99, Original price is $3.99.
Title: The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma, Author: Bodhidharma
Title: Dao De Jing: A Philosophical Translation, Author: Roger Ames
Title: Yinyang: The Way of Heaven and Earth in Chinese Thought and Culture, Author: Robin R. Wang
Title: Reflections on Silver River: Tokme Zongpo's Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva, Author: Ken I. McLeod
eBook $8.49 $9.99 Current price is $8.49, Original price is $9.99.
Title: Love Fearlessly: The Soulmate Within, Author: Kristen Schneider
Title: The I Ching, or Book of Changes: A Guide to Life's Turning Points, Author: Brian Browne Walker
Title: The Lost Art of Good Conversation: A Mindful Way to Connect with Others and Enrich Everyday Life, Author: Sakyong Mipham
Title: The Little Book of Zen: Sayings, Parables, Meditations & Haiku, Author: David Schiller
Paperback $9.95 $10.95 Current price is $9.95, Original price is $10.95.
Title: Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti, Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Title: Srimad-Bhagavatam, Second Canto, Author: His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Title: No-Gate Gateway: The Original Wu-Men Kuan, Author: David Hinton
Title: The Yoga of Truth: Jnana: The Ancient Path of Silent Knowledge, Author: Peter Marchand
Title: The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Liberation Through Understanding in the Between, Author: Robert Thurman
Paperback $17.99 $20.00 Current price is $17.99, Original price is $20.00.
Title: The Deepest Peace: Contemplations from a Season of Stillness, Author: Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
Title: Become What You Are: Expanded Edition, Author: Alan W. Watts
Title: The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, Hinduism, Author: Shambhala
Title: The Book of Tea, Author: Okakura Kakuzo
Title: Hagakure: Book of the Samurai, Author: Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Title: Fighting to Win - Samurai Techniques for Your Work and Life, Author: David Rogers

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