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Title: Australia and the North East Ascendancy, Author: Ross Garnaut
Title: Econometric Models of Asian-Pacific Countries, Author: Shinichi Ichimura
Title: Portrait of the Family within the Total Economy: A Study in Longrun Dynamics, Australia 1788-1990, Author: Graeme Donald Snooks
Title: All the Way With the USA: Australia, the US and Free Trade, Author: Ann Capling
Title: Australia: Benefiting from Economic Reforms, Author: International Monetary Fund
Title: Search for Security: The Political Economy of Australia's Post War Foreign and Defense Policy, Author: David C. Lee
Title: Revolutionary Industrial Unionism: The Industrial Workers of the World in Australia, Author: Verity Burgmann
Title: One Big Union: A History of the Australian Workers Union, 1886-1994, Author: Mark Hearn
Title: Australia and New Zealand: Economy, Society and Environment, Author: Guy Robinson
Title: Global Nation?: Australia and the Politics of Globalisation, Author: John Wiseman
Title: State, Economy and Public Policy in Australia, Author: Stephen Bell
Title: Australia Investment, Author: Usa Ibp
Title: Australia Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook, Author: International Business Publications Staf
Title: Australia's Cash Economy: A Troubling Issue for Policymakers / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Bajada
Title: Reforming Australia: New Policies for a New Generation, Author: Peter Dawkins
Title: The Wasted Years: Australia's Great Depression, Author: Judy Mackinolty
Title: Will She Be Right?; The Future of Australia, Author: Herman Kahn
Title: American Steam on Australian Rails, Author: David Burke
Title: Mainly Urban: Report of the Inquiry into the Needs of Urban Dwelling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, Author: Australian Government Publishing Service
Title: ANZUS Economics: Economic Trends and Relations among Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, Author: Richard W. Baker

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