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Title: Military Planes in Action, Author: Kay Jackson
Title: Famous Air Force Bombers, Author: George E. Sullivan
Title: Bomber Planes, Author: Jay Schleifer
Title: Anti-Submarine Warfare, Author: David Baker
Title: The Story of the Saigon Airlift, Author: Zachary Kent
Title: U. S. Air Force, Author: Rose Blue
Title: Airplanes of World War II, Author: Nancy Robinson Masters
Title: Heavy Bombers: The B-52 Stratofortresses, Author: Michael Green
Title: Military Helicopters, Author: E. S. Budd
Title: Air Battles: Air Combat in World War II, Author: Christopher Maynard
Title: Topgun, Author: Christopher Chant
Title: Ground Attack Planes, Author: David Baker
Title: Fighters of World War II, Author: B. Marvis
Title: Combat Aircraft, Author: C. J. Norman
Title: La Fuerza Aérea de EE. UU., Author: Matt Doeden
Title: Careers in the Air Force, Author: Arthur Palladian
Title: Test Pilot: Taking Chances in the Air, Author: Keith Elliot Greenberg
Title: Navy Strike Planes, Author: David Baker
Title: Bombers, Author: David Baker
Title: Future Fighters, Author: David Baker

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