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Title: Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide #39, Author: Beckett Staff
Title: Sports Illustrated Baseball's Greatest, Author: Editors of Sports Illustrated
Title: Beckett Baseball Almanac #22, Author: Beckett Staff
Title: Catching-101, Author: Xan Barksdale
Title: League Park: Historic Home of Cleveland Baseball, 1891-1946, Author: Ken Krsolovic
Title: Understanding Sabermetrics: An Introduction to the Science of Baseball Statistics, Author: Gabriel B. Costa
Title: 500 Ballparks: From Wooden Seats to Retro Classics, Author: Eric Pastore
Title: The New York Yankees: 100 Years - The Official Retrospective, Author: Yankees
Title: Baseball's Most Baffling MVP Ballots, Author: Jeremy Lehrman
Title: Baseball's Retired Numbers: Major and Minor Leagues, Author: Thomas W. Brucato
Title: Practicing Sabermetrics: Putting the Science of Baseball Statistics to Work, Author: Gabriel B. Costa
Title: Base Ball Founders: The Clubs, Players and Cities of the Northeast That Established the Game, Author: Peter Morris
Title: J.L. Wilkinson and the Kansas City Monarchs, Author: William A. Young
Title: The Cubs Way: The Zen of Building the Best Team in Baseball and Breaking the Curse, Author: Tom Verducci
Title: Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide # 38, Author: Beckett Staff
Title: A Game of Brawl: The Orioles, the Beaneaters, and the Battle for the 1897 Pennant, Author: Bill Felber
Title: Saying It's So: A Cultural History of the Black Sox Scandal, Author: Daniel A. Nathan
Title: The Cubs on Catalina: A Scrapbookful of Memories about a 30-Year Love Affair between One of Baseball's Classic Teams. . . and California's Most Fanciful Isle, Author: Jim Vitti
Title: The Pacific Coast League: A Statistical History, 1903-1957, Author: Dennis Snelling
Title: The Runmakers: A New Way to Rate Baseball Players, Author: Frederick E. Taylor

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