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Title: Young Ballplayer's Guide to Safe Pitching, Author: William J. Maitland
Title: Fair Ball!: 14 Great Stars from Baseball's Negro Leagues, Author: Jonah Winter
Title: I Can Read About Baseball, Author: Robyn Supraner
Title: Nolan Ryan: The Ryan Express, Author: Ken Rappoport
Title: Reggie Jackson, Author: Gary Libman
Title: Willie Mays, Author: George E. Sullivan
Title: Roy Campanella, Author: James Tackach
Title: 66: The Yasiel Puig Story, Author: Christine Dzidrums
Title: Ivan Rodriguez: Armed and Dangerous, Author: Mark Stewart
Title: World Series Highlights: Four Famous Contests, Author: Guernsey Van Riper,Jr.
Title: Home Run Leaders, Author: Jonathan Bliss
Title: ¡Beisbol! Latino Baseball Pioneers and Legends, Author: Jonah Winter
Title: The Adventures of Melvin Walker: Melvin Goes To The Ballpark, Author: Myron Campbell
Title: Pete Gray, One-Armed Major Leaguer, Author: W. G. Nicholson
Title: Home Run Kings, Author: Jeff Savage
Title: Baseball Bloopers, Author: Bill Gutman
Title: Jim Eisenreich, Author: Bill Gutman
Title: My Greatest Day in Baseball, Author: Eliot A. Cohen
Title: Matt Kemp: True Blue Baseball Star, Author: Christine Dzidrums
Title: Baseball: Pitching, Author: Bryant Lloyd

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