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Title: Softball Skills & Drills, 2E, Author: Judi Garman
Title: Coach's Guide to Game-Winning Softball Drills, Author: Michele Smith
Title: Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Softball, Author: Robert Benson
Title: The Softball Drill Book, Author: Kirk Walker
Title: How to Umpire Baseball and Softball: An Introduction to Basic Umpiring Skills, Author: Steve Boga
Title: Fastpitch: The Untold History of Softball and the Women Who Made the Game, Author: Erica Westly
Title: What's The Score: Baseball Scorekeeping in 10 Easy Chapters, Author: S L Schell
Title: The Softball Coaching Bible / Edition 1, Author: National Fastpitch Coaches Association
Title: High-Scoring Softball, Author: Ralph Weekly
Title: The Softball Pitching Edge (Enhanced Edition), Author: Cheri Kempf
Title: Coaching Fastpitch Softball Successfully - 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: Kathy Veroni
Title: Coaching Girls' Softball: From The How-To's Of The Game To Practical Real-World Advice--Your Definitive Guide To Successfully Coaching Girls, Author: Kathy Strahan
Title: Diamond Girl: A Guide to Beginner and Advanced Softball Pitching, Author: Donna Reiss
Title: Greatest Female Softball Players to Ever Compete Top 100, Author: Alex Trostanetskiy
Title: Fastpitch Softball: The Windmill Pitcher, Author: Barry Sammons
Title: Jennie Finch: Softball Superstar, Author: Christine Dzidrums
Title: Sneaky Softball Pitching: Tactics to Destroy a Hitter's Timing, Author: Hal Skinner
Title: T Ball Skills & Drills, Author: Marty Schupak
Title: Softball Umpiring Mechanics Illustrated: Two and Three Person High School Crews, Author: Todd Korth
Title: Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball, Author: Rainer Martens

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