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Title: Beer Money: A Memoir of Privilege and Loss, Author: Frances Stroh
Title: So You Want to Start a Brewery?: The Lagunitas Story, Author: Tony Magee
Title: Beyond the Pale: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Author: Ken Grossman
Title: Saga of an Entrepreneur: The Story of Mendis Special, Author: W. M. Mendis
Title: Miller Beer Barons: The Frederick Miller Family and Its Brewery, Author: Tim John
Title: Louise's Legacy: Hamm Family Stories, Author: Moira F. Harris
Title: The Shortest Dynasty, 1837-1947. The Story Of Robert Portner; A History Of His Brewing Empire; And The Story Of His Beloved Annaburg. 2nd Edition, Author: Michael Gaines
Title: Beer for Pete's Sake: The Wicked Adventures of a Brewing Maverick, Author: Pete Slosberg
Title: The Alemaster: How I Pioneered America's Craft Brewing Industry, Author: Bert Grant
Title: Theodore Hamm in Minnesota: His Family and Brewery, Author: John Theodore Flanagan