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Title: Communion with God, Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Title: Reading the Bible Again for the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously but Not Literally, Author: Marcus J. Borg
Title: Forged: Writing in the Name of God--Why the Bible's Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are, Author: Bart D. Ehrman
Title: Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We've Made Up, Author: Francis Chan
Title: Biblical Literacy: The Essential Bible Stories Everyone Needs to Know, Author: Timothy Beal
Title: The Irony Of Galatians, Author: Mark D. Nanos
Title: Number In Scripture, Author: E.W. Bullinger
Title: Scripture Confessions Gift Collection: Life-Changing Words of Faith for Every Day, Author: Harrison House
Title: The Girard Reader / Edition 1, Author: Rene Girard
Title: Interpreting The Symbols And Types, Author: Kevin J Conner
Title: Our Mother Saint Paul, Author: Beverly Roberts Gaventa
Title: Narratives Of A Vulnerable God / Edition 1, Author: William Placher
Title: Reading Luke-Acts / Edition 1, Author: William S. Kurz
Title: Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, Author: Geoffrey Hodson
Title: Old Testament Theology, Volume Three: Israel's Life, Author: John Goldingay
Title: The Good and Evil Serpent: How a Universal Symbol Became Christianized, Author: James H. Charlesworth
Title: Old Testament Narrative: A Guide to Interpretation, Author: Jerome T. Walsh
Title: Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel: Meaning, Mystery, Community, Author: Craig R. Koester
Title: Biblical Exegesis In The Apostolic Period, Author: Richard N. Longenecker
Title: The Hidden Mystery of the Bible, Author: Jack Ensign Addington

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