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Title: Missionary Stories and the Millers, Author: Mildred A. Martin
Title: Christians : Through the Ages--around the World, Author: John Drane
Title: Father Junipero Serra, the Traveling Missionary, Author: Linda Lyngheim
Title: Mother Teresa: Helper of the Poor, Author: Kristen Woronoff
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Title: Father Junipero Serra and the California Missions (A Proud Heritage), Author: Sarah Bowler
Title: Mother to the Poor: The Life of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Author: Jung-wook Ko
Title: An Introduction to the Liturgical Year, Author: Inos Biffi
Title: Albert Schweitzer: The Doctor Who Devoted His Life to Africa's Sick, Author: James Bentley
Title: Life in a California Mission, Author: Sally Senzell Isaacs
Title: Mission Padre, Author: David Stienecker
Title: One Tiny Baby, Author: Mark A. Taylor
Title: Seasons in God's World, Author: Beverly Beckmann
Title: Norwood and Eloise Waterhouse: Starters of Churches, Author: Evelyn Vaughn
Title: A First Look at the Church, Author: Carolyn Cox
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Title: God's World and Me from A to Z, Author: Judy Langley
Title: The Lands of Fire and Ice, Author: Dorothy Van Woerkom
Title: The Church Is a Who, Author: Bernice Hogan
Title: Jennifer of the City, Author: Corbin Hillam
Title: When I Grow up, I Can Go Anywhere for Jesus, Author: Terry Whalen
Title: Father Damien: Missionary to a Forgotten People, Author: Beverley Birch

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