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Title: The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club, Author: Phillip Hoose
Title: Really Professional Internet Person, Author: Jenn McAllister
Title: Women Heroes of World War II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue, Author: Kathryn J. Atwood
Title: The Burn Journals, Author: Brent Runyon
Title: Every Falling Star: The True Story of How I Survived and Escaped North Korea, Author: Sungju Lee
Title: Stitches, Author: David Small
Title: The Dead Inside: A True Story, Author: Cyndy Etler
Title: Some Assembly Required: The Not-So-Secret Life of a Transgender Teen, Author: Arin Andrews
Title: Relish: My Life in the Kitchen, Author: Lucy Knisley
Title: This Star Won't Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl, Author: Esther Earl
Title: Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek, Author: Maya Van Wagenen
Title: No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row, Author: Susan Kuklin
Title: Med Head: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain, Author: James Patterson
Title: Women Heroes of World War II--the Pacific Theater: 15 Stories of Resistance, Rescue, Sabotage, and Survival, Author: Kathryn J. Atwood
Title: Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator Is Changing the World, Author: Jack Andraka
Title: No Summit out of Sight: The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits, Author: Jordan Romero
Title: I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives, Author: Caitlin Alifirenka
Title: Kick Me: Adventures in Adolescence, Author: Paul Feig
Title: Balcony on the Moon: Coming of Age in Palestine, Author: Ibtisam Barakat
Title: Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom: My Story of the 1965 Selma Voting Rights March, Author: Lynda Blackmon Lowery

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