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Title: My Life on the Road, Author: Gloria Steinem
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Title: Louis XIV: The Power and the Glory, Author: Josephine Wilkinson
Title: Smoky the Brave: How a Feisty Yorkshire Terrier Mascot Became a Comrade-in-Arms during World War II, Author: Damien Lewis
Title: Adam Smith: Father of Economics, Author: Jesse Norman
Title: Go Ask Ali: Half-Baked Advice (and Free Lemonade), Author: Ali Wentworth
Title: Monsieur Mediocre: One American Learns the High Art of Being Everyday French, Author: John von Sothen
Title: American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family, Author: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Title: The China Mission: George Marshall's Unfinished War, 1945-1947, Author: Daniel Kurtz-Phelan
Title: Renegade Women in Film and TV, Author: Elizabeth Weitzman
Title: Goldy's Kitchen Cookbook: Cooking, Writing, Family, Life, Author: Diane Mott Davidson
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Title: No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black and Free in America, Author: Darnell L. Moore
Title: The Strange Case of Dr. Couney: How a Mysterious European Showman Saved Thousands of American Babies, Author: Dawn Raffel
Title: The Astronaut Maker: How One Mysterious Engineer Ran Human Spaceflight for a Generation, Author: Michael Cassutt
Title: Solitude & Company: The Life of Gabriel García Márquez Told with Help from His Friends, Family, Fans, Arguers, Fellow Pranksters, Drunks, and a Few Respectable Souls, Author: Silvana Paternostro
Title: Antarctica's Lost Aviator: The Epic Adventure to Explore the Last Frontier on Earth, Author: Jeff Maynard
Title: Hawk: I Did It My Way, Author: Ken
Title: The Fox Hunt: A Refugee's Memoir of Coming to America, Author: Mohammed Al Samawi
Title: No One Tells You This, Author: Glynnis MacNicol
Title: Autism in Heels: The Untold Story of a Female Life on the Spectrum, Author: Jennifer Cook O'Toole
Title: Relentless Spirit: The Unconventional Raising of a Champion, Author: Missy Franklin

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