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Title: The Story of Benjamin Franklin, AmazingAmerican, Author: Margaret Davidson
Title: The ABCs of Black History: A Children's Guide, Author: Craig Thompson
Title: Story of Sacajawea: Guide to Lewis and Clark, Author: Della Rowland
Title: Buried in Ice: Unlocking the Secrets of an Arctic Voyage, Author: Owen Beattie
Title: They Led the Way: Fourteen American Women, Author: Johanna Johnston
Title: Galileo: Scientist and Stargazer, Author: Jacqueline Mitton
Title: Cleopatra: The Queen of Dreams, Author: Haydn Middleton
Title: Totally Tyra: An Unauthorized Biography, Author: Lila Chase
Title: Sports Hero: Bill Walton, Author: Marshall Burchard
Title: Uncle George Washington and Harriot's Guitar, Author: Miriam Anne Bourne
Title: Jacob Lawrence, Author: Janet Boris
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Title: Thomas Edison: The Wizard Inventor, Author: Haydn Middleton
Title: Truth on Trial: The Story of Galileo Galilei, Author: Vicki Cobb
Title: Colin Powell : A Biography, Author: James Haskins
Title: The Mysterious Rays, Author: Nancy Veglahn