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Title: White House Children, Author: Miriam Anne Bourne
Title: Robert Falcon Scott: A World Explorer, Author: Joan Bristow
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Title: Our American Presidents, Author: Joan Bumann
Title: Whitney Young, JR.: Crusader for Equality, Author: Peggy Mann
Title: The Value of Helping: The Story of Harriet Tubman, Author: Ann Donegan Johnson
Title: Enrico Fermi: Father of Atomic Power, Author: Sam Epstein
Title: St. Francis of Paola, Author: Jude Winkler
Title: Casey! Charles Stengal, Author: James Hahn
Title: Whistle, Author: Benjamin Franklin
Title: Vasco Nunez de Balboa: A World Explorer, Author: Faith Y. Knoop
Title: Fridtjof Nansen: A World Explorer, Author: Erick Berry
Title: Yellow House, Author: Grete Janusz Hertz
Title: Inventors and Inventions, Author: Michael Jeffries
Title: Quanah Parker: Indian Warrior for Peace, Author: LaVere Anderson
Title: Prayers to the Saints, Author: Lawrence G. Lovasik