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Title: Streetcar Man: Tom Lowry and the Twin City Rapid Transit Company, Author: Goodrich Lowry
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Title: Henry Ford, Author: Sheila Wyborny
Title: Ray Kroc, Author: Marilyn Mascola
Title: Colonial American Merchant, Author: Robin May
Title: Andrew Carnegie: Builder of Libraries, Author: Charnan Simon
Title: Dave Thomas: Honesty Pays, Author: Barbara Kramer
Title: Andrew Carnegie, Author: Laura Bufano Edge
Title: Madame C. J. Walker, Author: Catherine Nichols
Title: Henry Ford: The Car Man, Author: Carin T. Ford
Title: Sir Walter Raleigh, Author: Tanya Larkin
Title: Elizabeth Whitney Williams & The Little Traverse Light, Author: Mary Hramiec Hoffman
Title: John Jacob Astor and the Fur Trade, Author: Lewis K. Parker
Hardcover $20.34 $22.60 Current price is $20.34, Original price is $22.60.
Title: The Everyday Life of a Florentine Merchant, Author: Giovanni Caselli
Title: Levi Strauss, Author: Lucia Tarbox Raatma