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Title: Helen Keller: Crusader for the Blind and Deaf, Author: Stewart Graff
Title: The Freedom Ship of Robert Smalls, Author: Louise Meriwether
Title: Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, Author: Vicki Myron
Title: Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir / Edition 1, Author: Paul Monette
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Title: Martin Luther King: The Peaceful Warrior, Author: Ed Clayton
Title: Mandela: From the Life of the South African Statesman, Author: Floyd Cooper
Title: Sweet Land of Liberty, Author: Deborah Hopkinson
Title: Black Stars in Orbit: NASA's African American Astronauts, Author: Khephra Burns
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Title: Famous Hispanic Americans, Author: Wendy Dunn
Title: Alma Flor Ada: An Author Kids Love, Author: Michelle Parker-Rock
Title: Sacagawea: A Photo-Illustrated Biography, Author: Barbara Witteman
Title: Helen Keller: Break down the Walls!, Author: Margaret Fetty
Title: The Story of Sacajawea, Author: Della Rowland
Title: Garrett Morgan, Inventor (Beginning Biographies Series), Author: Garnet Nelson Jackson
Title: David Robinson, Author: John Rolfe
Title: Andrew Young: A Matter of Choice, Author: Janice Simpson
Title: Famous Mexican Americans, Author: Janet N. Morey
Title: Cesar Chavez (Rookie Biographies Series), Author: Susan Eddy
Title: J.C. Watts Jr.: Character Counts, Author: Sarah E. De Capua
Title: Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Washington (PagePerfect NOOK Book), Author: Stephanie Watson
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