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Title: George H.W. Bush, Author: Catherine A. Welch
Hardcover $26.53 $27.93 Current price is $26.53, Original price is $27.93.
Title: Warren G. Harding (Presidential Leaders Series), Author: Elaine Landau
Hardcover $27.80 $29.27 Current price is $27.80, Original price is $29.27.
Title: Washington's Birthday: Its History, Observance, Spirit, and Significance as Related in Prose and Verse, with a Selection from Washington's Speeches and Writings, Author: Robert Haven Schauffler
Title: Richard M. Nixon, Author: Madeline Donaldson
Hardcover $26.53 $27.93 Current price is $26.53, Original price is $27.93.
Title: Zachary Taylor: Our Twelfth President, Author: Carol Brunelli
Title: Bill Clinton, Author: Michael Benson
Title: William Howard Taft: Our Twenty-Seventh President, Author: Melissa Maupin
Title: George Washington, Author: Christy Devillier
Title: Thomas Jefferson, Author: Michael V. Uschan
Title: Nelson Mandela, Author: Panaf Books Editors
Title: Crossing the Delaware and Valley Forge: Two Wild Winters with Washington, Author: John Micklos Jr.
Title: Thomas Jefferson, Author: Veda Boyd Jones
Title: James Madison, Author: Mike Venezia
Title: George Washington, Author: Jeremy Roberts
Title: John Tyler: Our Tenth President, Author: Steven Ferry
Title: John Quincy Adams: Our Sixth President, Author: Gerry Souter
Title: William Henry Harrison: Our Ninth President, Author: Ann Gaines
Title: Harry S. Truman, Author: Caroline Evensen Lazo
Title: James Monroe: Our Fifth President, Author: Ann Gaines
Title: Franklin D. Roosevelt: Our Thirty-Second President, Author: Melissa Maupin

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