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Title: Penguins of America, Author: James Patterson
Title: The Penguin Lessons: What I Learned from a Remarkable Bird, Author: Tom Michell
Title: Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America, Author: Guy Baldassarre
Title: Penguins, Author: Brutus Ostling
Title: Bold Sons of Erin, Author: Ralph Peters
Title: Water Babies: The Hidden Lives of Baby Wetland Birds, Author: William Burt
Title: The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, an Ancient Crab, and an Epic Journey, Author: Deborah Cramer
Title: Our Love of Loons, Author: Stan Tekiela
Title: Waterfowl Studies: Geese and Swans, Author: Bruce Burk
Title: Complete Waterfowl Studies: Volume II: Diving Ducks, Author: Bruce Burk
Title: SeaLife: A Complete Guide to the Marine Environment, Author: Geoffrey Waller
Title: Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock, Author: Stephen W. Kress
Title: Chesapeake Wildlife: Stories of Survival and Loss, Author: Pat Vojtech
Title: Shorebirds (Animals in Order Series): From Stilts to Sanderlings, Author: Sara Swan Miller
Title: Growing Up Wild: Penguins, Author: Sandra Markle
Title: The Herons Handbook, Author: James Hancock
Title: The Wind Birds: Shorebirds of North America, Author: Peter Matthiessen
Title: Wild Goose Country, Author: Michael Furtman
Title: The Loon's Necklace, Author: William Toye
Title: Cranes of the World, Author: Paul A Johnsgard

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