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Title: The Handy Box of Knots: Useful Knots for Every Situation, Indoors and Out, Author: Randy Penn
Title: Sailing Alone Around the World (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Joshua Slocum
Title: Two Years Before the Mast, Author: Richard Henry Dana
Title: Knots: A How to Guide to Purposeful Knots, Author: James Kavanagh
Title: A Voyage For Madmen, Author: Peter Nichols
Title: A Pearl in the Storm: How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean, Author: Tori McClure
Title: The Best Sailing Stories Ever Told, Author: Stephen Brennan
Title: First You Have to Row a Little Boat: Reflections on Life and Living, Author: Richard Bode
Title: The Arts of the Sailor [Illustrated Edition], Author: Hervey Garrett Smith
Title: 101 Step-By-Step Knots: Special stand-up design for hands-free practice, Author: Geoffrey Budworth Pre-Order Now
Title: Saga of a Wayward Sailor, Author: Tristan Jones
Title: Dove, Author: Robin L. Graham
Title: The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat, Revised & Updated, Author: Mark Nicholas
Title: Sailing Solitaire, Author: James L. Aadland
Title: Captain's Quick Guides: Sail Trim & Rig Tuning / Edition 1, Author: Bill Gladstone
Title: The Way of a Ship: A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail, Author: Derek Lundy
Title: Mine's Bigger: The Extraordinary Tale of the World's Greatest Sailboat and the Silicon Valley Tycoon Who Built It, Author: David Kaplan
Title: Two Years Before the Mast - A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea, Author: R. H. Dana
Title: Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids: A Family Sailing Adventure, Author: Katya Goodenough Gordon

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