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Title: The Soil and Health: A Study of Organic Agriculture, Author: Albert Howard
Title: Herbicides and Plant Physiology / Edition 2, Author: Andrew H. Cobb
Title: Plant Pathology / Edition 5, Author: George N. Agrios
Title: The Triumph of the Fungi: A Rotten History / Edition 1, Author: Nicholas P. Money
Title: Diseases of Grasses Legumes and Ornaments, Author: Alfred Steferud
Title: The Soil And Health, Author: Albert Howard
Title: Advances in Virus Research, Author: Karl Maramorosch
Title: Soil Microbiology, Ecology and Biochemistry, Author: Eldor A. Paul
Title: Fungal Pathogenicity and the Plant's Response: Proceedings of the Long Ashton Research Station Symposium, University of Bristol, September 1971, Author: Long Ashton Research Station Symposium Staf
Title: Graft-Transmissible Diseases of Grapevines: Handbook For Detection and Diagnosis, Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Title: Cereal Grain: Mycotoxins, Fungi and Quality in Drying and Storage / Edition 1, Author: J. Chelkowski
Title: Molecular Diversity and PCR-detection of Toxigenic Fusarium Species and Ochratoxigenic Fungi: Under the aegis of COST Action 835 'Agriculturally Important Toxigenic Fungi 1998-2003', EU project (QLK1-CT-1998-01380) and the ISPP 'Fusarium Committee' / Edition 1, Author: G. Mule
Title: Diseases of Ornamental Plants in India : Reference Book Cum Bibliography, Author: Madhu Meeta
Title: Disease Scenario in Crop Plants, Author: V. P. Agnihotri
Title: Biological Control of Plant Diseases: Progress and Challenges for the Future, Author: E.C. Tjamos
Title: Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens, Author: J. A. Lucas
Title: Plant Pathosystems, Author: Raoul A. Robinson
Title: Ultrastructure of Rust Fungi, Author: Larry J. Littlefield
Title: Introduction to Plant Pathology / Edition 1, Author: Richard N. Strange
Title: A Handbook of Tropical Soil Biology: Sampling and Characterization of Below-ground Biodiversity, Author: Fatima M. S. Moreira

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