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Title: Bread, Author: Jenny Ridgwell
Title: Bread, Author: Jillian Powell
Title: Great Bread!: The Easiest Possible Way to Make Almost 100 Kinds, Author: Bernice Kohn Hunt
Title: Bread, Author: Dorothy Turner
Title: Making Bread, Author: Ruth Thomson
Title: Pass the Bread!, Author: Karin Luisa Badt
Title: Knead It, Punch It, Bake It!, Author: Judith B. Jones
Title: Breads and Biscuits, Author: S. J. De Villers
Title: Starshine at Camp Crescent Moon, Author: Ellen Schwartz
Title: I Can Bake Bread, Author: David Magill
Title: The Bread Book, Author: Carolyn Meyer
Title: Bread, Author: Judith Baskerville
Title: Learning with Numbers: Bread and Cereal to Grow On, Author: Claire Thornton
Title: Knead It, Punch It, Bake It!: The Ultimate Breadmaking Book for Parents and Kids, Author: Evan Jones