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Title: Nelson: Love and Fame, Author: Edgar Vincent
Title: Trafalgar, Author: Richard Balkwill
Title: War of 1812, Author: Scott Marquette
Title: Encyclopedia of the War of 1812, Author: David Stephen Heidler
Title: New Orleans, Author: David C. King
Title: The War of 1812, Author: Don Nardo
Title: War of 1812: The New American Nation Goes to War with England, Author: Mark Beyer
Title: The Crimean War, Author: Deborah Bachrach
Title: One Hundred Days / Edition 1, Author: Alan Schom
Title: Waterloo, Author: Philip Arthur Sauvain
Title: The Calhoun-Randolph Debate on the Eve of the War of 1812: A Primary Source Investigation, Author: Jennifer Silate
Title: The Sage of Monticello: Jefferson and His Time, Volume 6, Author: Dumas Malone
Title: The War of 1812 (Greenwood Guides to Historic Events, 1500-1900), Author: David S. Heidler
Title: The War of 1812, Author: Liz Sonneborn