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Title: Sounds from Heaven: The Revival on the Isle of Lewis, 1949-1952, Author: Colin Peckham
Title: Century of the Scottish People: 1830?1950, Author: T. C. Smout
Title: The Political Guide to Modern Scotland, Author: Gerry Hassan
Title: Spade Among the Rushes, Author: Margaret Leigh
Title: Governing Scotland: The Invention of Administrative Devolution, Author: James Mitchell
Title: Path to Devolution and Change: A Political History of Scotland under Margaret Thatcher, Author: David Stewart
Title: The Missing, Author: Andrew O'Hagan
Title: End of British Politics?, Author: William Lockley Miller
Title: Muriel Spark, Author: Velma Bourgeois Richmond
Title: The Shetland Bus, Author: David Armine Howarth
Title: The Social History of Religion in Modern Scotland, Author: Callum G. Brown
Title: Country Bairns: Growing up, 1900-1930, Author: Lynn Jamieson
Title: Snp: The History of the Scottish National Party (Second Edition), Author: Peter Lynch
Title: The Highland Cause: The Life and Times of Roderick MacFarquhar, Author: James Napier McCrorie
Title: Footsteps in the Furrow, Author: Andrew Arbuckle
Title: Girlitude, Author: Emma Tennant
Title: How Scotland Votes: Scottish Parties and Elections, Author: Lynn Bennie
Title: The Modern SNP: From Protest to Power, Author: Gerry Hassan
Title: Scotland in the Twentieth Century, Author: T. M. Devine
Title: Strategies Towards Self-Government: The Campaigns for a Scottish Parliament, Author: James Mitchell

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