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Title: 29 CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Industry Regulations, Author: Office of the Federal Register
Title: Grace and Grit: My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear and Beyond, Author: Lilly Ledbetter
Title: The Employer's Legal Handbook: Manage Your Employees & Workplace Effectively, Author: Fred S. Steingold
Title: Legal Liabilities In Safety And Loss Prevention / Edition 2, Author: Thomas D. Schneid
Title: Employment Law for Human Resource Practice / Edition 5, Author: David J. Walsh
Title: Personal Foul: Coach Joe Moore vs. The University of Notre Dame, Author: Richard Lieberman
Title: The Essential Guide to Handling Workplace Harassment & Discrimination, Author: Deborah C. England
Title: Workers' Compensation and Employee Protection Laws in a Nutshell, Author: Jack Hood
Title: Your Rights in the Workplace, Author: Barbara Kate Repa
Title: Contemporary Employment Law, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Fields
Title: The Employee Rights Handbook: Effective Legal Strategies to Protect Your Job from Interveiw to Pink Slip, Author: Steven Mitchell Sack
Title: Employment Law: The Essential HR Desk Reference, Author: Lisa Guerin
Title: Every Employee's Guide to the Law, Author: Lewin G. I Joel
Title: Ending Poverty As We Know It: A Constitutional Right to a Job at a Living Wage / Edition 1, Author: William Quigley
Title: Emanuel Law Outlines / Edition 2, Author: Lary Lawrence
Title: Compensation Committee Handbook, Author: James F. Reda
Title: Handbook of Pollution and Hazardous Materials Compliance: A Sourcebook for Environmental Managers, Author: Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
Title: Occupational Health Law: A Guide for Industry, Author: Joseph LaDou
Title: Handbook of Employee Benefits: Designing, Funding and Administration, Author: Jerry S. Rosenbloom
Title: Occupational Safety and Health Law / Edition 3, Author: Mark A. Rothstein

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