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Title: Cyberspace Law: Cases and Materials, Author: Ku
Title: Film and Television Distribution and the Internet: A Legal Guide for the Media Industry, Author: Andrew Sparrow
Title: Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World / Edition 1, Author: Tim Wu
Title: Cyber Law: Maximizing Safety and Minimizing Risk in Classrooms, Author: Aimee M. Bissonette
Title: Ctrl + Z: The Right to Be Forgotten, Author: Meg Leta Jones
Title: Jurisdiction and the Internet: Regulatory Competence over Online Activity, Author: Uta Kohl
Title: A Hacker Manifesto, Author: McKenzie Wark
Title: Law and the Information Superhighway, Second Edition, Author: Henry H. Perritt Jr.
Title: Economics and E-Commerce: The Online Legal Environment / Edition 1, Author: Roger LeRoy Miller
Title: Cyberregs, Author: Bill Zoellick
Title: Law of Electronic Commerce, Third Edition, Author: Benjamin Wright
Title: International Taxation of Electronic Commerce Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Westin
Title: Rules of the Road for the Information Superhighway: Electronic Communications and the Law, Author: Legal Research Network Staff
Title: Gigalaw Guide To Internet Law, Author: Doug Isenberg
Title: Digital Media Law / Edition 1, Author: Ashley Packard
Title: ICT Law and Internationalisation: A Survey of Government Views, Author: Koops
Title: Leases and Electronic Commerce: Problems and Materials, Author: John E. Jr. Murray
Title: The Emergent Global Information Policy Regime, Author: S.  Braman
Title: Focus on the Internet, Author: B. G. Kutais
Title: Law and Internet Cultures / Edition 1, Author: Kathy Bowrey

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