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Title: Why I Am Catholic (and You Should Be Too), Author: Brandon Vogt
Title: Why We're Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love, Author: Trent Horn
Title: The Everlasting Man, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: Pensees, Author: Blaise Pascal
Title: Handbook of Catholic Apologetics: Reasoned Answers to Questions of Faith / Edition 1, Author: Peter Kreeft
Title: Where Is That in the Bible?, Author: Patrick Madrid
Title: Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith, Author: Scott Hahn
Title: Why Do Catholics Do That?: A Guide to the Teachings and Practices of the Catholic Church, Author: Kevin Orlin Johnson
Title: The Everlasting Man / Edition 1, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: Why I Am a Catholic, Author: Garry Wills
Title: Peace of Soul: Timeless Wisdom on Finding Serenity and Joy by the Century's Most Acclaimed Catholic Bishop, Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Title: Hostile Witnesses: How the Historic Enemies of the Church Prove Christianity, Author: Gary Michuta
Title: A Daily Defense: Apologetics Lessons for Every Day, Author: Jimmy Akin
Title: How to Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice: Civil Responses to Catholic Hot-Button Issues, Revised and Updated, Author: Austen Ivereigh
Title: Catholicism and Fundamentalism, Author: Karl Keating
Title: Apologia Pro Vita Sua: Geschichte Meiner Religiösen Überzeugungen, Author: John Henry Newman
Title: The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur: The Woman Whose Goodness Changed Her Husband from Atheist to Priest, Author: Elisabeth Leseur
Title: Because God is Real: Sixteen Questions, One Answer / Edition 1, Author: Peter Kreeft
Title: The Quotable Fulton Sheen: A Topical Compilation of the Wit, Wisdom, and Satire of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Author: Fulton Sheen
Title: The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism, Author: Louis Bouyer

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