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Title: The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The Watchers and The Nephilim:, Author: Joseph Lumpkin
Title: A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics and Salvation / Edition 15, Author: Gustavo Gutierrez
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Title: A Black Theology of Liberation: 50th Anniversary Edition, Author: James H Cone
Title: The Holy Bible Feminine Translation Version, Author: JW Farquhar
Title: Caminemos con Jesus (Spanish edition), Author: Roberto Goizueta
Title: The Rhythm of Being: The Gifford Lectures, Author: Raimon Panikkar
Title: Black Transhuman Liberation Theology: Technology and Spirituality, Author: Philip Butler
Title: El verdadero pensamiento de Pablo, Author: N. T. Wright
Title: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation: The Bible, Justice, and the Palestine-Israel Conflict, Author: Naim Stifan Ateek
Title: On the Side of the Poor: The Theology of Liberation, Author: Gustavo Gutierrez
Title: James Cone in Plain English, Author: Stephen D. Morrison
Title: Black Theology and Black Power: 50th Anniversary Edition, Author: James H. Cone
Title: Suffering and Salvation in Cuidad Juarez, Author: Nancy Pineda-Madrid
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Title: No Salvation Outside the Poor: Prophetic-Utopian Essays, Author: Jon Sobrino
Title: Knowing Christ Crucified: The Witness of African American Religious Experience, Author: M. Shawn Copeland
Title: Globalization, Spirituality, and Justice: Navigating a Path to Peace, Author: Daniel G Groody
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Title: The Survivor's Guide to Theology, Author: M. James Sawyer
Title: Occupy Religion: Theology of the Multitude, Author: Joerg Rieger
Title: No Longer the Same: Religious Others and the Liberation of Christian Theology, Author: D. Brockman
Title: Le Chemin de la Vie, Author: Zacharias Tanee Fomum

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