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Title: Atoms, Radiation, and Radiation Protection / Edition 3, Author: James E. Turner
Title: Single-Channel Recording, Author: Bert Sakmann
Title: Ion Channels of Excitable Membranes / Edition 3, Author: Bertil Hille
Title: Conversations on Electric and Magnetic Fields in the Cosmos, Author: Eugene N. Parker
Title: Surface Modification and Alloying: by Laser, Ion, and Electron Beams, Author: J.M. Poate
Title: pKa Prediction for Organic Acids and Bases, Author: D. Perrin
Title: Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology of Cardiac Ion Channels and Transporters / Edition 1, Author: M. Morad
Title: Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics: An Introductory Text, Author: John Marshall
Title: Optical Effects of Ion Implantation, Author: P. D. Townsend
Title: Elementary Inelastic Radiotion Processes, Author: M.A. Elango
Title: Ion Chromatography: Principles and Applications, Author: Paul R. Haddad
Title: Radiation Shielding / Edition 1, Author: J. Kenneth Shultis
Title: Comparative Physiology: Water, Ions and Fluid Mechanics, Author: K. Schmidt-Nielsen
Title: Radiation Protection in Medicine: Proceeding of the 28th Annual Meeting, Author: Andrew K. Poznanski
Title: pH and Buffer Theory-A New Approach, Author: H. Rilbe
Title: Magnetism Diagrams for Transition Metal Ions, Author: E. Konig
Title: Fundamental Problems in Heavy-Ion Collisions: Proceedings of the 5th Adriatic Conference on Nuclear Physics, Croatia, Yugoslavia, September, 1984, Author: Nikola Cindro
Title: Ion Plating Technology: Developments and Applications, Author: N. A. Ahmed
Title: Research Needs for Radiation Protection, Author: Charles B. Meinhold
Title: Gaseous Molecular Ions: An Introduction to Elementary Processes Induced by Ionization, Author: Eugen Illenberger

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