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Title: Governing China: From Revolution Through Reform / Edition 2, Author: Kenneth Lieberthal
Title: Mao's China and After: A History of the People's Republic / Edition 3, Author: Maurice Meisner
Title: The Man Who Stayed Behind, Author: Sidney Rittenberg
Title: The Spiral Road: Change In A Chinese Village Through The Eyes Of A Communist Party Leader, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Huang Shu-min
Title: Strong Borders, Secure Nation: Cooperation and Conflict in China's Territorial Disputes, Author: M. Taylor Fravel
Title: China in War and Revolution, 1895-1949 / Edition 1, Author: Peter Zarrow
Title: China Against the Tides: Restructuring Through Revolution, Radicalism, and Reform / Edition 3, Author: Marc Blecher
Title: Engendering The Chinese Revolution / Edition 1, Author: Christina Kelley Gilmartin
Title: China Candid: The People on the People's Republic / Edition 1, Author: Ye Sang
Title: American in China, 1936-1939: A Memoir, Author: Gould H. Thomas
Title: Changing Meanings of Citizenship in Modern China / Edition 1, Author: Merle Goldman
Title: Mao / Edition 1, Author: S.G. Breslin
Title: Grassroots Political Reform in Contemporary China / Edition 1, Author: Elizabeth J. Perry
Title: Paths to Power: Elite Mobility in Contemporary China, Author: David Lampton
Title: Seeking the Common Ground: Protestant Christianity, the Three-Self Movement, and China's United Front, Author: Philip L. Wickeri
Title: Politics at Mao's Court, Author: Frederick C Teiwes
Title: Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping in the Chinese Leadership Succession Crisis, Author: David W. Chang
Title: The Temple of Memories: History, Power, and Morality in a Chinese Village / Edition 1, Author: Jun Jing
Title: The Search for Modern China, Author: Jonathan D. Spence
Title: Recast All under Heaven: Revolution, War, Diplomacy, and Frontier China in the 20th Century, Author: Xiaoyuan Liu

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