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Title: The Cambridge Illustrated History of China / Edition 2, Author: Patricia Buckley Ebrey
Title: The Search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection / Edition 3, Author: Janet Chen
Title: Sources of Chinese Tradition: Volume 1: From Earliest Times to 1600 / Edition 2, Author: Wm. Theodore de Bary
Title: Shanghai Faithful: Betrayal and Forgiveness in a Chinese Christian Family, Author: Jennifer Lin
Title: The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom: America and China, 1776 to the Present, Author: John Pomfret
Title: Out of China: How the Chinese Ended the Era of Western Domination, Author: Robert Bickers
Title: True Crimes in Eighteenth-Century China: Twenty Case Histories, Author: Robert E. Hegel
Title: Puer Tea: Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic, Author: Jinghong Zhang
Title: On China, Author: Henry Kissinger
Title: China: A History (Hacket Edition), Author: Harold M. Tanner
Title: Tiananmen Moon: Inside the Chinese Student Uprising of 1989, Author: Philip J Cunningham
Title: The 1929 Sino-Soviet War: The War Nobody Knew, Author: Michael Walker
Title: The Nanking Atrocity, 1937-1938: Complicating the Picture, Author: Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi
Title: Southeast Asia and the Rise of China: The Search for Security, Author: Ian Storey
Title: China: A New History / Edition 2, Author: John King Fairbank
Title: China's Crony Capitalism: The Dynamics of Regime Decay, Author: Minxin Pei
Title: At America's Gates: Chinese Immigration during the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943 / Edition 1, Author: Erika Lee
Title: The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern China, Author: Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
Title: Unlikely Partners: Chinese Reformers, Western Economists, and the Making of Global China, Author: Julian Gewirtz
Title: The Red Guard Generation and Political Activism in China, Author: Guobin Yang

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