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Title: Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs, Author: Rachel Jeffs
Title: Saving Alex: When I Was Fifteen I Told My Mormon Parents I Was Gay, and That's When My Nightmare Began, Author: Alex Cooper
Title: The Joseph Smith Papers: Journals, Volume 1, Author: Joseph Smith
Title: David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism, Author: Gregory A Prince
Title: Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin: A Memoir, Author: Nicole Hardy
Title: Mormon Healer and Folk Poet: Mary Susannah Fowler's Life of
Title: Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet, Author: John G. Turner
Title: In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith, Author: Todd Compton
Title: Diary of Charles L. Walker, Author: Charles L. Walker
Title: Saint behind Enemy Lines, Author: Olga Kovarova Campora
Title: Disciple's Life: The Biography of Neal A. Maxwell, Author: Bruce C. Hafen
Title: Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, Author: Richard Lyman Bushman
Title: The Outstretched Arms, Author: Kris Mackay
Title: The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, Author: Elna Baker
Title: Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, Author: Parley P. Pratt
Title: Heber C. Kimball: Mormon Patriarch and Pioneer, Author: Stanley Buchholz Kimball
Title: From Historian to Dissident: The Book of John Whitmer, Author: John Whitmer
Title: Gathering in Harmony, Author: Stephen L. Prince
Title: When Men Become Gods: Mormon Polygamist Warren Jeffs, His Cult of Fear, and the Women Who Fought Back, Author: Stephen Singular
Title: John Taylor: Messenger of Salvation, Author: M. Haslam

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