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Title: A Keeper Of The Word, Author: William Stringfellow
Title: Love And Justice, Author: D. B. Robertson
Title: To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World, Author: James Davison Hunter
Title: Narratives Of A Vulnerable God / Edition 1, Author: William Placher
Title: The Church in the Power of the Spirit / Edition 1, Author: Jurgen Moltmann
Title: The Identity of Anglicanism: Essentials of Anglican Ecclesiology, Author: Paul Avis
Title: The End Of The Church, Author: Ephraim Radner
Title: Canonical Theism: A Proposal for Theology and the Church, Author: William Abraham
Title: Doctrine in Experience: A Methodist Theology of Church and Ministry, Author: Russell E. Richey
Title: Ecumenical Theology of World Religions, Author: M Dhavamony
Title: God's People, Instruments of Healing: The Diaconical Dimension of the Church, Author: Ottmar Fuchs
Title: Church In The Round / Edition 1, Author: Letty M. Russell
Title: The Gospel in the Modern World: A Tribute to John Stott, Author: Martyn Eden
Title: The Reality And Ethics Of Jesus, Author: Albert C. Saunders
Title: The Christian Church as Social Process, Author: Norman Pittenger
Title: Papal Diplomacy and the Quest for Peace: The Vatican and International Organizations from the Early Years to the League of Nations, Author: Robert John Araujo
Title: Church of Churches, Author: Jean Marie Rene M. Tillard
Title: Restoration & Renewal, Author: Joseph F. Eagan
Title: Blue Collar - Roman Collar - White Collar: U.S. Catholic Involvement in Labor Management Controversies, 1960-1980, Author: Patrick J. Sullivan

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