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Title: American Opera Singers and Their Recordings: Critical Commentaries and Discographies, Author: Clyde T. McCants
Title: Opera (Classic FM Handy Guides Series), Author: Robert Weinberg
Title: Opera on CD : The Essential Guide to the Best CD Recordings of 100 Operas, Author: Alan Blyth
Title: Classic FM Friendly Guide to Beethoven, Author: John Suchet
Title: Masterworks of the Orchestral Repertoire: A Guide for Listeners, Author: Donald N. Ferguson
Title: Opera for Libraries: A Guide to Core Works, Audio and Video Recordings, Books and Serials, Author: Clyde T. McCants
Title: A Discography of 78 RPM Era Recordings of the Horn: Solo and Chamber Literature with Commentary, Author: Amy McBeth
Title: All Music Guide to Classical Music: The Definitive Guide to Classical Music, Author: Chris Woodstra
Title: 1001 Classical Recordings You Must Hear Before You Die, Author: Matthew Rye
Title: Basic Classical and Operatic Recordings Collection for Libraries, Author: Kenyon C. Rosenberg
Title: Opera on Compact Disc P, Author: Peter Gammond
Title: The Penguin Guide to Opera on Compact Disc, Author: Ivan March
Title: The Music of Billy May: A Discography, Author: Jack Mirtle
Title: Beethoven Forum, Volume 1, Author: Beethoven Forum
Title: Opera Discography - Composers A-O, Author: Charles H. Parsons
Title: Aaron Copland, Author: Joann Skowronski
Title: Recent International Opera Discography, Author: Charles H. Parsons
Title: Giovanni Gabrieli (ca. 1555-1612): Giovanni Gabrieli (ca. 1555-1612)A Them, Author: Richard Charteris
Title: Opera on Record 3, Author: Alan Blyth
Title: Beethoven Forum, Volume 4, Author: Beethoven Forum

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