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Title: Music in the Renaissance, Author: Richard Freedman
Title: Music and Riddle Culture in the Renaissance, Author: Katelijne Schiltz
Title: Anthology for Music in the Renaissance, Author: Richard Freedman
Title: The Science and Art of Renaissance Music, Author: James Haar
Title: Music from the Age of Shakespeare: A Cultural History, Author: Suzanne Lord
Title: The New Grove High Renaissance Masters, Author: Jermey Noble
Title: Giovanni Gabrieli and the Music of the Venetian High Renaissance, Author: Denis Arnold
Title: Thomas Tallis'
Title: Guillaume Costeley: Selected Chansons, Author: Guillaume Costeley
Title: Chromatic Beauty in the Late Medieval Chanson: An Interpretation of Manuscript Accidentals, Author: Thomas Brothers
Title: Carpenter Musicmed, Author: Nan Cooke Carpenter
Title: Gesualdo, Author: Denis Arnold
Title: Francesco Portinaro il Terzo Libro di Madrigali a Cinque et Sei Voci, Author: Macia Archetto
Title: Lorenzo Allegri: Il primo libro delle musiche. . . (Venice, 1618), Author: Andrew Dell'Antonio
Title: Music in the Renaissance / Edition 2, Author: Howard Mayer Brown
Title: Music in the Age of the Renaissance / Edition 1, Author: Leeman L. Perkins
Title: Patrons and Musicians of the English Renaissance, Author: David C. Price
Title: An Elizabethan Virginal Book, Author: Edward W. Naylor
Title: Elizabethan Mythologies: Studies in Poetry, Drama and Music, Author: Robin Headlam Wells
Title: Francesco Manara: Il Primo Libro di Madrigali a Quattro Voci (Venice, 1555), Author: Jessie Ann Owens

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