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Title: Dish: 813 Colorful, Wonderful Dinner Plates, Author: Shax Riegler
Title: Hall China Tea and Coffee Pots: The First 100 Years, Author: Gary Barnebey
Title: Fiesta, Harlequin, Kitchen Kraft Dinnerwares: The Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association Guide (Schiffer Books for Collectors Series), Author: Schiffer Staff
Title: Franciscan Hand-Decorated Embossed Dinnerware, Author: James F. Elliot-Bishop
Title: The Big Book of Salt and Pepper Shaker Series, Author: Irene Thornburg
Title: British Tea and Coffee Cups, 1745-1940, Author: Steven Goss
Title: 1005 Salt and Pepper Shakers, Author: Larry Carey
Title: Colorful Tablecloths 1930s-1960s: Threads of the Past, Author: Yvonne Barineau
Title: Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons: Understanding, Designing, and Carving Romantic Heirlooms, Author: David Western
Title: Meissen's Blue and White Porcelain, Author: Nicholas Zumbulyadis
Title: Mid-Century Modern Dinnerware: A Pictorial Guide, Author: Michael E. Pratt
Title: Depression Glass Dinnerware Accessories, Author: Doris Yeske
Title: Spoons 1650-2000, Author: Simon Moore
Title: German Military Steins: 1914-1945, Author: Gary Kirsner
Title: Spongeware and Spatterware, Author: Kevin McConnell
Title: Children's Dishes, Author: Margaret Whitmyer
Title: Sour Cream Glasses, Author: Barbara E. Mauzy
Title: Collectible Cups and Saucers: Indentification and Values Book III, Author: Jim Harran
Title: American Spoons, Souvenir and Historical, Author: Dorothy T. Rainwater
Title: A Collectors Guide to Diesinger Steins, Author: Patricia L. Manusov

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