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Title: Much Loved, Author: Mark Nixon
Title: The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute, Author: Zac Bissonnette
Title: The History and Origin of Horse Brasses, Author: Reginald A. Brown
Title: Whimsical World of Boyd's Bears: Silver Anniversary Album, Author: Susan Elliot
Title: 501 Collectible Horses: A Handbook and Price Guide, Author: Jan Lindenberger
Title: Steiff Bears and Other Playthings past and present, Author: Dee Hockenberry
Title: The Historical Teddy Bear, Author: Dee Hockenberry
Title: Unauthorized Guide to Snoopy Collectibles: With Values, Author: Jan Lindenberger
Title: Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide, 2000-2001 Edition, Author: Judy L. Marchman
Title: My Little Pony: Around the World, Author: Debra L. Birge
Title: Story of the Steiff Teddy Bear: An Illustrated History from 1902, Author: Pfeiffer
Title: Everything's Coming Up Sock Monkeys: The Art, History and Business of the American Sock Monkey, Author: Bonnie Kraus Connelly
Title: Sock Monkeys: (200 Out of 1,863), Author: Arne Svenson
Title: TY Beanie Babies, Author: Collectors' Publishing Co Staff
Title: The Book of Teddy Bear Making, Author: Gillian Morgan
Title: Making Teddy Bears, Author: Stackpole Books
Title: For the Beary Best Mom, Author: Patrick Regan
Title: Teddies, Author: Taschen America
Title: The Teddy Bear and Friends Price Guide, Author: Helen Sieverling
Title: My Teddy Organizer Fact Sheets Album, Author: Hobby House Press

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