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Title: Hot Wheels Field Guide, Author: Michael Zarnock
Title: Picker's Pocket Guide - Hot Wheels, Author: Michael Zarnock
Title: The Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys: 1947-2001, Author: Charlie Mack
Title: Big Book of Tin Toy Cars: Passenger, Sports, and Concept Vehicles, Author: Ron Smith
Title: Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Price Guide: 2016 Edition (1995-2015), Author: Neal Giordano
Title: Aurora Slot Cars, Author: Thomas Graham
Title: Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide, Author: Michael Zarnock
Title: Complete Book of Hot Wheels, Author: Bob Parker
Title: Matchbox Toys, Author: Nick Jones
Title: Hot Wheels : A Collector's Guide, Author: Bob Parker
Title: Corgi Toys, Author: Edward Force
Title: Pedal Cars: Chasing the Kidillac, Author: Jane Dwyre Garton
Title: Big Book of Tin Toy Cars: Commercial and Racing Vehicles, Author: Ron Smith
Title: Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Author: Kimmo Sahakangas
Title: Dinky Toys, Author: Dr. Edward Force
Title: Corgi Toys, Author: David Cooke
Title: Diecast Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s: The Collector's Guide, Author: Andrew Ralston
Title: Lesney's Matchbox Toys: The Superfast Years, 1969-1982, Author: Charlie Mack
Title: Matchbox and Lledo Toys: Price Guide and Variations List, Author: Edward Force
Title: The Big Book of Matchbox Superfast Toys: Basic Models and Variation Lists: 1969-2004, Author: Charlie Mack

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