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Title: Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the Founders, Author: Denise Spellberg
Title: The Wordy Shipmates, Author: Sarah Vowell
Title: Puritan Dilemma: The The Story of John Winthrop (Library of American Biography Series) / Edition 3, Author: Edmund S. Morgan
Title: The Faiths of the Founding Fathers, Author: David L. Holmes
Title: The Times and Trials of Anne Hutchinson: Puritans Divided / Edition 1, Author: Michael P. Winship
Title: John Winthrop: America's Forgotten Founding Father, Author: Francis J. Bremer
Title: Darkness Falls on the Land of Light: Experiencing Religious Awakenings in Eighteenth-Century New England, Author: Douglas L. Winiarski
Title: A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life, Author: J. I. Packer
Title: Continental Ambitions: Roman Catholics in North America: The Colonial Experience, Author: Kevin Starr
Title: Damned Women: Sinners and Witches in Puritan New England, Author: Elizabeth Reis
Title: The Original 13 - A Documentary History Of Religion In America's First Thirteen States, Author: William J Federer
Title: What's It All About?: Philosophy and the Meaning of Life, Author: Julian Baggini
Title: The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Century, Author: Perry Miller
Title: Objects of Devotion: Religion in Early America, Author: Peter Manseau
Title: Bioscientific Terminology / Edition 1, Author: Donald M. Ayers
Title: Faith of Our Founding Fathers: A Comprehensive Study of America's Christian Foundations, Author: Tim LaHaye
Title: Insubordinate Spirit: A True Story of Life and Loss in Earliest America 1610-1665, Author: Missy Wolfe
Title: The Puritans: A Sourcebook of Their Writings, Author: Perry Miller
Title: God and the Founders: Madison, Washington, and Jefferson, Author: Vincent Phillip Mu?oz
Title: The Times and Trials of Anne Hutchinson: Puritans Divided, Author: Michael P. Winship

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