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Title: Waiting for the Punch: Words to Live by from the WTF Podcast, Author: Marc Maron
Title: American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare: The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee, Author: Karen Abbott
Title: Improv Nation: How We Made a Great American Art, Author: Sam Wasson
Title: The Second City Unscripted: Revolution and Revelation at the World-Famous Comedy Theater, Author: Mike Thomas
Title: Jewish Comedy: A Serious History, Author: Jeremy Dauber
Title: Sassy in Stilettos, Author: Nana Malone
Title: Truth in Comedy: The Manual of Improvisation, Author: Charna Halpern
Title: The Comedy Bible: From Stand-up to Sitcom--The Comedy Writer's Ultimate
Title: The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and the History of American Comedy, Author: Kliph Nesteroff
Title: Poetics, Author: Aristotle
Title: Emergency Laughter: Stories of Humor Inside Ambulances and Operating Rooms, Author: Mike Cyra
Title: I'm Dying Up Here: Heartbreak and High Times in Stand-Up Comedy's Golden Era, Author: William Knoedelseder
Title: Mastering Stand-Up: The Complete Guide to Becoming a Successful Comedian, Author: Stephen Rosenfield
Title: P.S. I Love Lucy: Lucille Ball's Palm Springs, Author: Eric G. Meeks
Title: The Haunted Smile: The Story Of Jewish Comedians In America, Author: Lawrence J. Epstein
Title: Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live, Author: Doug Hill
Title: The Burlesque Handbook, Author: Jo Weldon
Title: Blue Man World, Author: Blue Man Group
Title: Mama Rose's Turn: The True Story of America's Most Notorious Stage Mother, Author: Carolyn Quinn
Title: Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy, Author: Jay Sankey

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