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Title: Microcomputer Simulations in Business, Author: Anthony A. Olinzock
Title: Microcomputers: Hardware, Software, and Programming, Author: Edward J. Coburn
Title: Business Forecasting: Concepts and Microcomputer Applications, Author: Neil E. Seitz
Title: Computers in the Home, Author: Nigel Hawkes
Title: ARCO Book of Electronics, Author: Helen Sturridge
Title: A Beginner's Guide to Computers and Microprocessors--with Projects, Author: Charles K. Adams
Title: Computers in Business: Information Processing, Author: Richard D. Jones
Title: Small Computers, Author: Fred D'Ignazio
Title: Data Entry Activities for the Microcomputer, Author: William E. Bux
Title: Living with the Microchip, Author: Sharon Elliott
Title: Computer Science, Author: Allen L. Wold
Title: Computer Applications in Agriculture and Agribusiness, Author: Michael E. Newman