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Title: Artificial Intelligence Methods in Software Testing, Author: Abraham Kandel
Title: Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement [With CDROM] / Edition 3, Author: William E. Lewis
Title: Program Verification: Fundamental Issues in Computer Science, Author: Timothy T.R. Colburn
Title: Expert .NET Delivery Using NAnt and CruiseControl.NET / Edition 1, Author: Josh Holmes
Title: Codes for Detecting and Correcting Unidirectional Errors, Author: Mario Blaum
Title: Definitions for Hardware and Software Safety Engineers, Author: M.J.P. van der Meulen
Title: Application Debugging: An MVS Abend Handbook for COBOL, Assembly, PL-1 and Fortran Programmers, Author: Robert Binder
Title: Principles of Model Checking / Edition 1, Author: Christel Baier
Title: Windows 2000 Kernel Debugging, Author: Steven McDowell
Title: Managing Software Quality, Author: Brian Hambling
Title: Tutorial on Software Maintenance, Author: Nicholas Zvegintzov
Title: Making Software Measurement Work: Building an Effective Measurement Program, Author: William C. Hetzel
Title: The Y2K Personal Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Get from This Side of the Crisis to the Other, Author: Michael S. Hyatt
Title: Software Testing for Conventional and Logic Programming, Author: Oliver Jack
Title: Design Analysis and Performance Evaluation Methodologies for Database Computers, Author: Steven A. Demurjian
Title: Computational Intelligence in Software Quality Assurance, Author: Abraham Kandel
Title: A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design / Edition 1, Author: Lee Copeland
Title: Software Productivity, Quality and Usability: Measurement, Prediction and Improvements, Author: Dick B. Simmons
Title: Digital Woes: Why We Should Not Depend on Software, Author: Lauren Ruth Wiener
Title: Quality Assurance for Information Systems: Methods, Tools and Techniques, Author: William E. Perry

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