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Title: Computational Fairy Tales, Author: Jeremy Kubica Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Computer, Author: Gayle Worland
Title: Why Doesn't My Floppy Disk Flop: And Other Kids' Computer Questions Answered by the CompuDudes, Author: Peter Cook
Title: The Ultimate Collection of Computer Facts and Fun: A Kid's Guide to Computers, Author: Cindra Tison
Title: The IBM LOGO Manual, Author: Thomas Milton Kemnitz
Title: Elementary Programming for Kids in BASIC, Author: Eugene Galanter
Title: Computer Fun Science, Author: Lisa Trumbauer
Title: Computers All Around Us, Author: Jim Drake
Title: Looking at LOGO, Author: Penny Holland
Title: What Is a Computer?, Author: Jim Drake
Title: Exploring with Computers, Author: Gary Bitter
Title: Looking at Computers, Author: Penny Holland
Title: Alef-BASIC: A Guide to BASIC Programming, With Facts, Fun, and Games from Jewish History and Tradition, Author: Rachelle S. Heller
Title: Bildbearbeitung wird kinderleicht.: Eine multimediale Einführung für Kinder, Jugendliche und Computerlaien, Author: Ursula Brunbauer Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Computer Fun Math, Author: Lisa Trumbauer
Title: Computers, Author: Time Life Books
Title: Computer Fun Writing, Author: Lisa Trumbauer
Title: Ohm on the Range: Robot and Computer Jokes, Author: Charles Keller
Title: Play with Computers, Author: Jim Drake
Title: Computers, Author: Francene Sabin

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