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Title: My Revision Notes AQA GCSE Computer Science Computing Fundamentals, Author: Steve Cushing
Title: Computers and Man, Author: Richard C. Dorf
Title: Dictionary of Computer Quotations, Author: Donald D. Spencer
Title: Mathematics for Computer Technology, Author: Paul Calter
Title: Net Kids, Author: NetGuide
Title: Ready-to-Use Computer Literacy Activities Kits Level II, Author: Dwight E. Mostoller
Title: Elementary Mathematics for Computing, Author: Larry R. Lance
Title: A First Course in Computer Science Using Turbo Pascal: Version 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, Author: Lowell A. Carmony
Title: The Learning Guide to Computers, Author: Gini And Courter
Title: Microcomputers: Hardware, Software, and Programming, Author: Edward J. Coburn
Title: Computers and Mathematics, Author: Carol Gourlay
Title: Introduction to Computers and Information Processing, Author: Larry E. Long
Title: Using Computers in Our Society, Author: Christopher M. Kelly
Title: The Math-Computer Connection, Author: A. David Thomas
Title: Calculator Applications for Business, Author: Lovern
Title: Communications, Author: Anthony Wilson
Title: A New World of Simulators: Training with Technology, Author: Christopher W. Baker
Title: Computers in Business: Information Processing, Author: Richard D. Jones
Title: Computers in the Home, Author: Nigel Hawkes
Title: Microcomputer Simulations in Business, Author: Anthony A. Olinzock

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