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Title: Communications, Author: Anthony Wilson
Title: Java Methods: Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures, Author: Maria Litvin
Title: Computers in the Home, Author: Nigel Hawkes
Title: Net Kids, Author: NetGuide
Title: Computers in Action, Author: Nigel Hawkes
Title: The Star Wars Question and Answer Book about Computers, Author: Fred D'Ignazio
Title: Mind Tools: The Science of Artificial Intelligence, Author: Fred Bortz
Title: Advances in Computer and Information Sciences '98: Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, Author: T. Dayar
Title: Computer Science, Author: J. Glenn Brookshear
Title: Fundamentals of Electricity: Basics of Electricity, Electronics, Controls and Computers / Edition 6, Author: R. G. Seippel
Title: Mathematics for Data Processing and Computing, Author: Maria Shopay Kolatis
Title: Word Processing Basics: An Introduction for Young People, Author: Art Dudley
Title: Ready-to-Use Computer Literacy Activities Kits Level II, Author: Dwight E. Mostoller
Title: Information Technology, Author: Don Slater
Title: Supercomputers: Shaping the Future, Author: Charlene W. Billings
Title: Computers, Author: Diane Gibson
Title: Computer Service and Repair, Study Guide / Edition 3, Author: Richard M. Roberts
Title: Computers and Man, Author: Richard C. Dorf
Title: The Learning Guide to Computers, Author: Gini And Courter
Title: Mind Tool: Computers and Their Impact on Society (with Basic Appendix), Author: Neill Graham

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